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Race Asia

"Should have turned LEFT"

In late 2016 my dearest on air co-host Mike & I embarked on an unbelievable life changing ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!

After countless rounds of applications, interviews, forms, more interviews, forms, applications, AND auditions (YES WE AUDITIONED!)... Mike and I were honoured & humbled (and extremely thankful) to be able to fly the Singapore Flag high on The Amazing Race Asia Season 5!

From the producers to the camera and sound guys, the team behind AXN, the story team, the location guys, the challenge folks... we are extremely grateful for all the hard work, and the intense amount of blood, sweat and tears you all put in to make it happen.


The fans, critics and supporters, our loved ones, our families and all the good people we've met in the streets; at malls, events and more. Those who sent us personal messages full of uplifting motivation and invigorating drive.
THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart of hearts...
We do not deserve such love.

Here are some snippets of our story on an unforgettable journey that took us through 6 countries, numerous cities, an unbelievable number of hours and kilometres travelled, and a whole chunk of our souls chewed up and spat out. 

Like all races anywhere around the world, this one little adventure of ours was no different. 


From intense highs to soul crushing lows, we experienced it all on The Amazing Race Asia season 5.

It was an adventure to completely new and foreign places, it was a journey of self discovery and maturity, it was a ridiculously challenging yet fulfilling path to greater things both personally and professionally.

Did we suffer? Absolutely. Were we close to death? Perhaps Was it worth it? You bet it was.



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