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there are many reasons why you should choose me to host your event.


be it an event with 50,000 participants, a themed company dinner & dance, an energetic & explosive on stage competition, an awards ceremony with the "who's who" in our country...


you'll need someone reliable, professional, down to earth & personable;  someone who listens to what you need, and delivers every single time.

Every event is an important event no matter  how big or small. 100% always.

your event is important.
you'll want someone who is experienced and grounded.


with almost a THOUSAND different shows hosted and more than 11 years (and counting) on air with Power 98FM as a SENIOR Producer Presenter, I've garnered priceless experience that will ensure a host that delivers a smooth sailing event- that's on a completely different level.




a host with energy (lots of it); someone engaging to provide lots of colour to your event.


if you are looking for someone without any sort of a personality- a cosmetically perfect facade to go through the motions without any form of vibrancy, without spirit; then you're at the wrong place.


if you're looking for a host that creates atmosphere, injects energy and brings dynamism-  no matter what the event- then i'm the one for you.


anyone can take the stage, but only few command it



you want someone with oomph who can speak with your audience


reading off a script is easy; connecting and speaking with the audience in front of you is a completely different ball game. My speciality is making people feel part of your event, no matter what the theme or scale.

a thousand smiles on stage and off, always.





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