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Dinner and Dance with JK

  • Event Architect

    • 🖼️ Meticulously Curated Experiences

    • 🎨 Shaping Ideal Programs for every Crowd

    • 🧠 Engaging Activities with proven track records

    • 🤝 Close Collaboration for Memorable Events

  • Laughter & Entertainment Artisan

    • 😂 Craft an Atmosphere of Pure Enjoyment

    • 🎭 Expertly Woven Contagious Laughter and Witty Banter

    • 🕹️ Interactive Games for Added Fun

  • Globetrotting Entertainment Maven

    • 🌏 Brought Unique Style of Entertainment Worldwide from Beijing to Phuket

    • 🚀 Commanded Stages for Multinational Corporations

    • 🏡 Orchestrated Gatherings in Family Offices


For Portfolio, Emcee Rate Card and more

Dinner & Dance Snippets

What does a D&D with JK include?

Dinner & Dance Emcee Checklist

Some Important Points to Take Note of!

Singapore Host Funny

Emcee Rate + Date

Do you have a rough budget for the Emcee and DJ?
What date(s) and time!

Singapore Host

Sound System

Most hotels do not allow DJs to plug into their sound system, have you catered a budget for an external sound system?

Fun Energy


Have you agreed with the committee on a stunning theme for the event?

Funny Emcee

Games + Prizes

How many Games do you want to enjoy? On Stage or Table Games? Have you set aside budgeting for the prizes?

Funny Singapore Emcee


Do you have a rough program outline? Any Awards and Presentations to take note of?

Singapore Host

Lucky Draw

Will there be a Lucky Draw? How would you like to end the program, with dance/karaoke?

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